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Smart Security Systems for Secure Tech Systems, Maidstone, Kent

Security Takeover - CCTV and Access Control

Hikivision security camera

Location: Kent

Size: Large

Sector: Online clothing retailer

In 2021 Secure Tech Systems Ltd (STS) started working with a Kent based online clothing retailer.


STS was approached by this customer to conduct a takeover project of their CCTV and access control systems.


A full security review was initially carried out of their entire CCTV and access control systems, to ensure there were no security black spots.


STS always carry out an initial security review as part of any work we provide and this is a major benefit to working with a professional security installer.


Following the takeover project, STS were asked to source and install additional security cameras to view a high number of picking robots, running almost 24 hours a day.


The customer required efficient monitoring, using CCTV recordings, of any incidents that might happen across the picking system grid. That could be human error when maintenance is carried out, or the possible malfunction of a robot.

STS proposed a solution for the new CCTV installation to be completed during normal working hours. This resulted in no downtime for the robots, and no impact on service to our customers’ end user.


STS is now in place as this customer’s long term electronic security provider, in Kent. Covering CCTV, all access control and intercom requirements.


The customer now has peace of mind as their trusted, experienced security engineer is one direct phone call away, available 24/7 and within an hour’s drive should they need.

They can now focus their time on their own expansion and operations, knowing their security needs are being fully met.

Are you unhappy with your current provider or in the market for a brand new security installation, in Kent?


We design and install security systems for customers across Kent, offering CCTV, Intercoms, access control, burglar alarms and intruder alarms.


Call us for a FREE security consultation, or if you have any questions as we are always happy to advise.


01622 278870

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