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Smart Security Systems for Secure Tech Systems, Maidstone, Kent

Peace of mind for homeowners

Hikivision security camera

Location: Aylesford

Size: Small

Sector: Residential

Peace of Mind:


This is what Secure Tech Systems (STS) sell and we provide this through installing and maintaining professional security systems.


Everyone’s lives' seem busier than ever and as such the last thing you’d want is having to spend precious time on having to sort the aftermath of a break in and the repercussions that come with it.


STS recently surveyed a home in Aylesford and went on to install a wireless intruder alarm and security cameras, as well as a Pyronix Car Defender.


This customer is a 64-year-old woman living on her own, next to a busy road and close to several industrial estates. Several times now this customer has been disturbed in the middle of the night by someone hammering on her front door.


This has caused a lot of concern and worry and left the customer not feeling safe in her own home, especially as the layout of this property, means that her bedroom is on the ground floor.

‘My new alarm and security cameras have just given me peace of mind, which is what I was looking for from a security provider as this has been on my mind for a while now’.


Given the property layout this customer required a wireless alarm as the traditional cabling was just not possible.


‘Having the bell box on my building now demonstrates to any unwanted visitors that my property is protected.


The cameras enable me to view any unwanted visitors whether at home or away as I can use my app to access my cameras (and alarm system) from wherever I am. My car is parked out of site so the car defender gives me additional peace of mind and this will notify me of any disturbances, again through the app that STS have installed for me’.


If you have a Pyronix alarm and are worried about your car being stolen, STS can fit a car defender which if triggered will notify you of any disturbances.


If you’re worried about not having any security at your home or business premises, then get in touch with us, as we can carry out a free security review and then make relevant security recommendations.


We provide you with peace of mind, so you can focus on the more relevant other areas of your life.


Talk to us directly on:


01622 278870

Or enquire via email;

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