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Door contact maintenance

Security System Maintenance

Why is it required?

As with everything in life, regular maintenance is required to achieve optimum performance. If you don't have your security system maintained, it may not work properly and as such leave you and your premises un-protected.

Therefore, security system maintenance should be considered a fundamental part of your overall investment in a security system. Any professional security provider will provide a well trained security engineer to carry out an annual service of your system, whether single or multi - layered.

Each element of a security system needs reviewing to ensure there are no faults and only a security engineer with the right experience, will understand how to rectify these and order replacement parts, if necessary.

Security Camera Maintenance

If you have security cameras, over time they'll need cleaning and are often in hard to reach places. The cabling will need reviewing also to check it has not been adversely affected by weather or animals/insects. If cameras are not properly maintained, the picture could be effected and should you need to retrieve footage, it may be distorted. This negates the purpose of having cameras and could prove to be detrimental if you require footage for any insurance purposes, or criminal proceedings. 

See below how a simple cobweb can affect the picture.

Cobwebs across the screen...

Maintenance Before (with cobwebs)

Clear camera lens after cleaning...

After maintenance, clear security camera lense

Spider and it's web obstructing the view!

Intruder Alarm Maintenance

If you have an intruder alarm or multiple systems, then a regular health check by a professional is a requirement to ensure the system(s) continues to work effectively. Batteries are required for wired and wireless systems as either their primary source of power or as a back up in the event of a power outage. 


Every system will feature a number of devices, including sensors, door contacts and a bell box, and these all need checking and again batteries replaced. Any professional security engineer should carry out a full walk test to ensure all devices are working effectively, and as with cameras these devices can often be in hard to reach places.


It takes just one faulty sensor for a system to become ineffective in stopping unwanted visitors to your property. If you can't set your alarm, because your sensors aren't all working,  your premises and loved ones remain unprotected.

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